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On March 9, 2016, the CDC announced that they were investigating an outbreak of Salmonella Montevideo linked to  Wonderful brand Pistachios.  There are 11 cases of illness associated with the outbreak. Nine states have been affected, including Alabama with 1 case, Arizona with 2 cases, Connecticut with 1 case, Georgia with 1 case, Michigan with 1 case, Minnesota with 1 case, North Dakota with 1 case, Virginia with 1 case, and Washington with 2 cases. Two people have been hospitalized because of their illness.


Wonderful Pistachios was linked to the outbreak after routine testing discovered the presence of Salmonella at Paramount Farms, where Wonderful pistachios are grown. Eight people reported in interviews that they had eaten pistachios prior to their illness. Genetic testing revealed that samples isolated from Paramount Farms were closely related to samples from ill people. On March 9th, Wonderful Pistachios issued a voluntary recall for a number of flavors and sizes of both in-shell and shelled pistachios. These pistachio products were distributed to retail locations nationwide, and can be identified by the 13 digit lot code on the bottom of the package. A full list of recalled products can be found here.


Health officials have recommended that consumers dispose of any contaminated products found in their households. These pistachios have the potential to cause a case of Salmonella poisoning. Symptoms of Salmonella poisoning will appear between 12 and 72 hours after infection, and will include fever, abdominal cramping, nausea, and vomiting. The elderly, children, and those with suppressed immune systems may be at a greater risk of developing a severe Salmonella infection. If you or a loved one begins to show the symptoms of Salmonella poisoning, contact a medical professional.