Shigella Outbreak Hits Missouri School District

Health officials in Moniteau County, Missouri have announced that they are investigating an ongoing outbreak of Shigellosis in the county. The outbreak is linked to Tipton School District, where at least 70 students, faculty, and family members have been sickened. Shigella infections are very contagious, and can spread very quickly. Shigella outbreaks commonly occur in… Read more »

Shigella Sickens 167 in Iowa

Health Officials in Dubuque County, Iowa, have announced that they are investigating an outbreak of Shigella poisoning within the county. There have been 167 people sickened by the outbreak so far. The outbreak actually began in October 2015, but health officials chose to wait until now to release information about the outbreak. Investigators have not… Read more »


Download PDF Read More Shigella “Shigella” refers to a group of bacteria which, through ingestion, causes approximately 14,000 cases of human illness per year in the United States.  Yet, because infected individuals may not seek medical attention in many instances, the number of actual cases may be up to twenty times greater than the verified… Read more »