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The USDA has been criticized recently for its poor response widespread reports of tainted beef from Canada.  The beef, contaminated with E. Coli, was recalled across all of Canada, but not in the United States, despite evidence that the tainted beef entered the U.S. food supply chain. The criticism came from Food & Water Watch, a food-safety advocacy group located in Washington, D.C..  Food & Water Watch criticizes the FDA for issuing a Public Health Alert instead of issuing a recall of the beef, which has been voluntarily recalled by Albertson’s in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  The FDA still has not issued a recall although the beef was sold in California, Michigan, Nebraska, Texas, Utah and Wisconsin.  Food & Water Watch calls this inaction by the FDA “stunning.”

This criticism highlights the importance of consumer action groups and food-poisoning lawyers; the FDA has limited resources and limited power to oppose food manufacturing giants with powerful lobbies in Washington.  In a capitalist society, the only way to affect positive change is to make bad behavior expensive.  Food manufacturers know that the FDA cannot do anything if they cut corners and put people at risk, so they ignore basic safe food-handling procedures because it makes economic sense to them.  If there shoddy food-handling procedures cost them money, however, they will pay more attention to avoiding widespread contamination.

That is why is it so important to seek legal help if you are the victim of food poisoning…Not just for yourself and not just for this illness, but so food handlers know there are repercussions if they cut corners to increase profits.  We need to make bad behavior unprofitable.  Call the attorneys at the Merman Law Firm and we will help you send the message food handlers need to hear.