Contact a food poisoning lawyer if you have suffered

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When you eat out at any restaurant, you are at the mercy of that restaurant to properly cook, store, prepare and handle the food and there’s no way to monitor whether or not the restaurant is doing these tasks in a reasonable and safe manner. You have to trust them implicitly. You also trust them because there are laws in place that clearly regulate restaurant safety.


The health departments of your individual state regulate restaurants and give them license to serve drinks and food and many restaurants furthermore have to display their health inspection certificate and status on the property. However, even when these necessary steps have been taken, millions of people who get sick from food poisoning every single year.


These food poisoning incidences are on the rise, according to data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Annual Food Borne Illness Report. Approximately 48 million individuals are affected by food poisoning every single year. There are several important steps you need to take if you believe that you have been subjected to food poisoning. You may have grounds for a legal case depending on the facts of your claim and consulting with an attorney can certainly help. These steps include:

  •      Get medical attention immediately since severe food poisoning can lead to injury, illness or death.
  •      Report the restaurant to the local health department and have the matter investigated.
  •      Report the matter directly to the restaurant.
  •      Contact a food poisoning lawyer.
  •      Save your receipt from purchasing the food.

When possible, get the phone numbers and names of other individuals who may have consumed the same food or also got sick. Having other witnesses that can help to corroborate your case can make things easier for you in the event that you ultimately have to bring forward a food poisoning injury claim. Food poisoning can be easily prevented when restaurants engage in safe preparation and storage. Unfortunately, accidents and mistakes do happen that could compromise your health. Knowing the steps that you need to take to protect yourself could make the difference and allowing you to put this unfortunate matter behind you.