by in Salmonella

On March 18, 2016, the CDC announced that the outbreak of Salmonella Poona associated with imported cucumbers is over. The final case count is 907 occurrences of Salmonella poisoning. These cases of illness began to be reported as early as July 2015 and continued until early March 2016. Two hundred and four people needed to be hospitalized because of their illnesses. There were 6 deaths reported in 4 states, including 3 people in California and 1 person in Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The more than 900 cases of Salmonella poisoning were spread over 40 states. States affected by the outbreak include Alabama with one case, Alaska with 21 cases, Arizona 140 cases, Arkansas with 13 cases, California with 245 cases, Colorado with 21 cases, Connecticut with one case, Florida with one case, Georgia with one case, Hawaii with one case, Idaho with 27 cases, Illinois with 11 cases, Indiana with 5 cases, Iowa with 7 cases, Kansas with 2 cases, Kentucky with one case, Louisiana with 5 cases, Maryland with one case, Minnesota with 46 cases, Missouri with 15 cases, Montana with 16 cases, Nebraska with 8 cases, Nevada with 17 cases, New Hampshire with one case, New Mexico with 37 cases, New York with 6 cases, North Dakota with 8 cases, Ohio with 3 cases, Oklahoma with 13 cases, Oregon with 23 cases, Pennsylvania with 3 cases, South Carolina with 10 cases, South Dakota with 3 cases, Tennessee with 1 case, Texas with 51 cases, Utah with 62 cases, Virginia with 1 case, Washington with 26 cases, Wisconsin with 46 cases, and Wyoming with 7 cases.

There were two recalls associated with this outbreak. The first was on September 4, 2015, when Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce issued a recall for Limited Edition brand cucumbers sold between August 1 and September 3, 2016. The second recall came on September 11, 2015, when Custom Produce Sales issued a recall for Fat Boy brand cucumbers sold after August 1, 2015. All recalled cucumbers were grown in Baja California, Mexico.