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Salmonella Lawyers on Nestle Nesquik salmonella food poisoning

Nestle USA announced today a voluntary recall of the popular chocolate milk mix “Nesquik” because of a potential that it is contaminated with Salmonella.  The recall is limited to 10.5 oz., 21.8 and 40.7-ounce containers of Nesquik Chocolate Powder.  Currently no other varieties or sizes are affected.  Reportedly the cause of the concern is calcium carbonate contamination…the calcium carbonate is one of the ingredients in Nesquik.

Salmonella may be present in products with the following product codes:

For 40.7 ounce chocolate powder (72 servings), the affected production codes are: 2282574810 and 2282574820.

For 21.8 ounce chocolate powder (38) servings, affected codes are: 2278574810, 2278574820, 2279574810, 2279574820, 2284574820, 2284574830, 2285574810, 2285574820, 2287574820, 2289574810 and 2289574820.

For 10.9 ounce chocolate powder (19 servings), the affected production code is 2278574810.

All products potentially contaminated with Salmonella have an expiration date of Oct. 2014.

“Salmonella” is the second most common domestic foodborne illness.  Approximately 42,000 confirmed cases are reported per year, but by scientific estimates, which include unreported infections, the number of actual infections reaches more than one million. Infections result in roughly 20,000 hospitalizations and 400 deaths per year.  Symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning infection include diarrhea, fever and cramps arising within twelve to twenty-four hours after infection and, in most healthy individuals, persist for five to seven days. Infection is more common in summer months than in other seasons of the year.

Recovery and Long-Term Effects of Salmonella Food Poisoning

Most infected individuals recover without any treatment, but it could be months before a person’s bowels fully stabilize.  Hospitalization can result from dehydration caused by the symptoms but, in some cases, seeking immediate medical attention may be a matter of life or death. Salmonella food poisoning infection can spread from the intestines to the blood stream, carrying it to other areas of the body. In such a case, infection can pose a significant risk of death, unless the infected person is quickly treated with antibiotics.

There are additional risks associated with Salmonella food poisoning: Individuals may recover from the short-term symptoms of infection, only to suffer long-term effects.  Joint pain, eye irritation and painful urination have resulted, though many would not expect these problems to be related to the original infection.  In some cases, the original infection can eventually lead to arthritis, which can last for months to years and may even become chronic.

If you suspect you have salmonella from Nestle Nesquik, go to a doctor immediately and get checked out.  Then call the Salmonella lawyers at the Merman Law Firm for aggressive, compassionate representation.