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Peanut Butter Recall Expanded

The pervasiveness of the Sunland, Inc. peanut-butter recall becomes more evident, Chattanoooga Bakery, Inc., the makers of Moon Pie and LookOut brand snacks, announced a voluntary recall of its Peanut Butter Crunch products with “best buy” dates of  02/26/13, 03/25/13, and 04/29/13.  Consumers should be aware that these snacks could be contaminated with Salmonella.  Of course, since the FDA has very poor communication with the consuming public, unless a consumer happens to follow the Merman Law Firm Blog it is unlikely that consumers are even aware of the danger.  The Merman Law Firm expects dozens more illnesses and (God-forbid) deaths associated with peanut butter recall products.

This recall demonstrates the widespread effects of one manufacturer failing to adhere to safe food handling practices.  More than 70 different products sold by dozens of different companies have been recalled because Sunland, Inc. allowed its peanut butter to become contaminated with Salmonella.  Salmonella is potentially fatal to children, the elderly and those with compormised immune systems.  For more information about Salmonella, please see our informative page here.

If you need more information about this recall, or if you have been infected with Salmonella that you suspect was caused by peanut butter, call the Merman Law Firm.  And if you are ill, go to the hospital immediately – this is not an illness to play around with.