Salmonella found in Mexican papayas

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When you purchase produce, you hope that it’s always been grown properly and cleaned properly. Although you might also clean it yourself, you certainly don’t expect that you’re going to face a risk of serious injuries or illness. Sadly, items affected by salmonella or other food poisoning issues can raise your risk and lead to a food poisoning lawsuit against a responsible party.

The CDC recently reported that an outbreak investigation has been expanded to include a different strain salmonella. More than 64 individuals spread across 15 states were added to the CDC’s investigation since it was first initiated in July. Six additional states have reported ill individuals including Delaware, Oklahoma, North Carolina, Connecticut and Wisconsin. Laboratory test identified that this particular strain of salmonella was isolated from papayas collected in Maryland. These papayas were imported from Mexico and had been contaminated with this particular salmonella strain. A total of more than 100 individuals were affected with the outbreak strains of Salmonella Thompson or Salmonella Kiambu.

35 of those ill individuals were ultimately hospitalized and one death was already reported out of New York. The maradol papayas imported from Mexico are being pinpointed as the likely source of this outbreak. These papayas have been identified to one particular brand, Caribeña. Grande Produce recalled Caribeña brand maradol papayas that were distributed between July 10th and July 19th, 2017. If you have been injured as a result of a food poisoning issue, particularly at a restaurant or elsewhere, you may be eligible to recover compensation after consulting with experienced food poisoning injury attorneys to discuss the basics of your case. Being able to identify a lawyer who has extensive experience in this field is strongly recommended.

When food poisoning happens, it’s not easy to know right away that you have rights and that you may be eligible to file a case. The materials collected as evidence are vital for your ability to protect your interests, so they are best shared with a team of experienced food poisoning lawyers. You cannot always count on your food to be safe from risks, but you should be able to rely on a lawyer to look out for your interests.