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The U.S. FDA has announced a recall of as many as 1 million mangoes that may carry salmonella bacteria.  These potentially contaminated mangoes are contained in a variety of products.  The Merman Law Firm is monitoring reports as they occur to provide the most up-to-the-minute information regarding this national recall.  Millions of consumers are potentially at risk from this widespread and dangerous mango recall.

Researchers recently found evidence that mangoes are the cause of a multi-state outbreak of salmonella, as reported by new giant CNN.  Most of the cases of mango-related salmonella in the United States to date have been reported in California  to the California Department of Public Health but the disease has also been reported in Canada.  And more reports are expected as these contaminated mangoes reach additional consumers.

Splendid Food Products of Burlingame, Calif., said the suspect mangoes, grown in Mexico, have Daniella brand stickers with PLU numbers 3114, 4051, 4311, 4584 or 4959. They were sold as individual fruit in supermarkets around the country, including Costco, Save Mart, Food 4 Less, Ralph’s, Topco stores, El Super, Kroger, Giant-Eagle, Stop & Shop, Aldi and Whole Foods.  Recent information leads the Merman Law Firm to believe that the fruit also ended up in containers of mixed fruit sold under different names without the Daniella-brand sticker.

The Merman Law Firm urges buyers of mangoes from the suspect group should throw them out.  Given the recent information coming out of the U.S. FDA, the Merman Law Firm urges consumers to take a hiatus from mangoes all together and throw out all mangoes of any type (other than home-grown, of course).  In a few weeks, most of the affected mangoes will be out of the stream of commerce and it will be safe to purchase mangoes again.

If you or a loved one suspects you are infected with salmonella as a result of consuming mangoes, seek medical attention immediately.  Even if your condition is not life-threatening, blood and stool samples may be necessary to establish the source of your illness.  Contact the food poisoning lawyers at the Merman Law Firm for competent, compassionate representation. Our team of salmonella lawyers are here to help.