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During the week of December 9th, the FDA reported two recalls associated with Listeria contamination. The recalls were announced in a weekly report, which is not the usual technique employed by the FDA. All recalled products were distributed to Save-A-Lot retail stores in Missouri. The first product is 12 ounce packages of Mixed Vegetable Steam Bags produced by Wylwood.  The bags have the UPC 051933020306 and have a Best By date of June 2017. The second product recalled is Whole Kernel Corn Frozen Fresh. It has a UPC code of 05193320293 and a Best By date of June 2017. So far no illnesses have been associated with these recalls.

Listeria monocytogenes infections can be very serious. They usually occur after eating food contaminated with the bacteria. Symptoms will generally appear between 3 and 70 days after infection. Symptoms of Listeria poisoning include fever, nausea, diarrhea, headache, stiff neck, and muscle aches. Children, the elderly, those with HIV/AIDS, and pregnant women are at a greater risk of infection. If you or a loved one begins to show the symptoms of Listeria poisoning after eating meat sold by Adolf Meat Products, contact a medical professional.

If you or a loved one suspects you are infected with listeria as a result of consuming Save-A-Lot products, seek medical attention immediately.  Even if your condition is not life-threatening, blood and stool samples may be necessary to establish the source of your illness.  Contact the food poisoning lawyers at the Merman Law Firm for competent, compassionate representation. Our team of listeria lawyers are here to help.