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On November 2, 2015, Northstar Produce Inc. recalled 33 cases of Granny Smith Size 175ct apples. The St. Louis Park, Minnesota company issued the recall after testing showed that they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, Salmonella, and/or E. coli. These apples were sold in tray packs at a local Minnesota discount food store.  The recalled products were sold between October 1, 2015 and October 19, 2015. No illnesses have been associated with the recalled products.

E. coli is a family of bacteria that is found in the intestines of animals and An E. coli infection causes symptoms including abdominal cramping, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. These symptoms take between 3 and 10 days to appear. It can also cause hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS). HUS damages red blood cells, which can in turn cause kidney damage or failure.

Salmonella infections will begin to show symptoms between 12 and 72 hours after the germ enters the body. The infection will cause symptoms such as diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps. In many cases, a patient will recover within a week without a need for medical intervention. In some cases, however, the illness will worsen and require a medical professional to be contacted.

Listeria monocytogenes causes a very serious infection. The symptoms of Listeria poisoning appear between 3 and 70 days after infection and include fever, nausea, diarrhea, headache, stiff neck, and muscle aches. Listeria infections can be especially serious in persons with certain risk factors, including people with HIV/AIDS, children, the elderly, and women who are pregnant.

If you or a loved one begins to show the symptoms of any foodborne illness, contact a medical professional.