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FDA exercises its new power to shut down Sunland, Inc.

In 2010 the President granted the FDA the power to close down food producers and manufacturers if the agency finds serious health concerns.  Today, the FDA exercises its new power for the first time against Sunland, Inc., the company responsible for the salmonella outbreak that affected hundreds of products and sickened dozens of consumers.

The recall began with Trader Joe’s Valencia peanut butter and quickly expaned to include every product produced at the Sunland, Inc. nut butter factory.  More than 40 people in 20 states across the country were confirmed to have contracted salmonella from products produced at the Sunland, Inc. facility.

In a bold move, today the FDA exercises its new power to shut down producers linked to consumer safety risks.  This is the first time the FDA exercised the power to suspend production, which was granted to it in 2010.

Michael Taylor, the FDA’s deputy commissioner for foods, suggested to the Times that the ability to suspend a registration is a major step forward for the agency.

“Consumers can be assured that products will not leave this facility until we determine they have implemented preventive measures that are effective to produce safe products,” Taylor said.

Sunland, Inc. has an opportunity to reopen if it can demonstrate to the FDA that its facility is clean and no longer poses a health risk to consumers.

The Law Firm has closely tracked this salmonella outbreak and its salmonella attorneys stand ready to assist any consumers affected by this salmonella recall.