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Dole American Blend Salad Recall – Potentially Contaminated with Listeria

The latest product recalled for Listeria contamination is Dole American Blend Salad in 12 once bags.  The bags show a “use-by” date of October 17, 2012 and have the UPC code 1430000933.  If you were otherwise healthy, you should expect symptoms within seven days if you have contracted “Listeria Monocytogenes.”  The Dole American Blend Salad Recall is expected to result in litigation on behalf of the victims.

Symptoms usually begin with diarrhea, but can also include fever, body aches, headaches, stiffness in the neck, loss of balance, disorientation and convulsions. Other gastrointestinal problems may develop from Listeria exposure as well, such as a general irritation of the digestive tract. However, in healthy individuals, no symptoms may develop despite infection.

Listeria is a bacterium responsible for an estimated 1,600 illnesses each year in the United States. Of the estimated number of cases, approximately 260 of those end in fatality. Outbreaks in 2011 and 2012 have been widespread among multiple states arising from widely distributed food sources. Listeria can grow in cold temperatures; even properly refrigerated foods can become contaminated.

If you believe you contracted Listeria from the Dole American Blend Salad recall, go to the doctor or a hospital.  The doctor or hospital will draw blood and serotype the bacteria.  The hospital has to report a positive finding of Listeria to your state health department.  Because these bacteria mutate so quickly, the serotype (like a sub-species of Listeria that is unique) you are infected with will be unique, identifiable and traceable to the source of the outbreak.  Not only will the hospital be able to keep you hydrated and deal with other (sometimes very serious) symptoms, your reporting is crucial to identify the source of the outbreak.  This protects not only your legal rights, but the health, safety and welfare of other consumers.  If you have a positive diagnosis for Listeria, call the Merman Law Firm for compassionate representation.