by in Cyclospora

The Cyclospora outbreak that began in May continues to worsen. The CDC has reported that as of August 21, 2015, 495 people have been infected with Cyclospora. About 59% percent of the cases (293/495) began showing symptoms on or after May 1, 2015. Out of these 293, Texas continues to be the hardest hit state, with 168 reported cases of Cyclospora poisoning. Following Texas is Georgia with 23 cases, New York City with 21 cases, Florida with 10 cases, Massachusetts with 10 cases, Wisconsin with 10 cases, New York (excluding NYC) with 9 cases, Illinois with 8 cases, New Jersey with 6 cases, Arkansas with 3 cases, Connecticut with 3 cases, Montana with 3 cases, Virginia with 3 cases, California with 2 cases, Kansas with 2 cases, Michigan with 2 cases, New Mexico with 2 cases, Washington with 2 cases, Iowa with 1 case, Maryland with 1 case, Missouri with 1 case, Nebraska with 1 case, North Carolina with 1 case, and Utah with 1 case. The investigation into the outbreak is ongoing, but cilantro imported from Mexico remains the most likely culprit of the outbreak.

Symptoms of Cyclospora poisoning begin to show up between 2 and 11 days after infection. Common symptoms of Cyclospora poisoning include frequent diarrhea, stomach cramps, fever, vomiting, and loss of appetite. In most cases, someone infected with Cyclospora will recover on their own, although it may take up to a few weeks. In those with compromised immune systems, symptoms may last for months without medical treatment.