Boston College Norovirus Outbreak Likely Source Identified

As a part of the ongoing investigation into the norovirus outbreak at Boston College, samples were taken from a Chipotle location on campus. Samples taken from an ill Chipotle employee tested positive for norovirus, which indicates that they may have been the source for the outbreak. The outbreak has sickened 141 at Boston College. Many… Read more »

Norovirus Causes Raw Oyster Recall

At least 11 cases of norovirus infections have been linked to frozen raw oysters in Hawaii. These illnesses occurred on the island of Maui, and began to appear in September. There is a recall associated with this outbreak. Recently, the Hawaii State Department of Health issued a recall for frozen raw oysters that were imported… Read more »

Norovirus Outbreak at Boston College

The Massachusetts Department of Health has announced that there has been as foodborne illness outbreak at Boston College. At least 120 students have been sickened by norovirus. Early reports indicated that the pathogen responsible for the outbreak was E. coli O26, but subsequent testing revealed that it was actually norovirus. This outbreak has been linked… Read more »

Staphylococcus Aureus

Download PDF Read More Staphylococcus Aureus “Staphylococcus” is a bacterium found on the skin and hair and in the throats and noses of humans and animals alike. In fact, staphylococcus is present in 25 to 50 percent of healthy people. The risk results when the bacteria multiply and produce a heat-resistant toxin that causes human… Read more »