Carrabba’s Causes Norovirus Outbreak in Michigan

The Barry-Eaton District Health Department has announced that they have been  investigating an outbreak of Norovirus linked to a Carrabba’s location in Lansing, Michigan. This outbreak has sickened over 100 people. The outbreak occurred between May 7th and May 8th. The first reports of illnesses came on May 10th. In response, the Carrabba’s location voluntarily… Read more »

Norovirus Outbreak Hits Ursinus College

More than 200 students, faculty, and staff have been sickened by Norovirus at Ursinus College, which is located in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. Montgomery County health officials have confirmed the presence of Norovirus in two different students. Although no source has been discovered for the outbreak, cases of illness have been linked to the Wellness Center on… Read more »

E. coli Outbreak Linked to Recalled Beef

Ground beef that was recently recalled by Snapp’s Ferry Packing has been linked to an outbreak of E. coli that has sickened 13 people in Knox County, Tennessee. The Tennessee Department of Health and Knox County Health officials have been investigating the outbreak for the past two months. None of the reported cases required hospitalization…. Read more »

Horse burger? It happens more often than you think

Do you ever wonder what is in the hamburger you are eating or do you just trust that it is what the store says it is? Do you think that someone out there is monitoring and testing food to make sure it is safe? Would you be surprised to find out that the safety of… Read more »

Macadamia Nuts Recalled Amidst Salmonella Concerns

Macadamia Nuts Recalled Amidst Salmonella Concerns On January 21, Mahina Mele Farms LLC issued a recall of 7 products after testing uncovered that they were contaminated with Salmonella. These products were distributed to retail stores in Alaska, Hawaii, California, Virginia, and Maryland. Distribution took place between October 21 and November 25, 2015. Products affected by… Read more »

Hepatitis A Found In New York Pizzeria

On the heels of a confirmed case of Hepatitis A in an employee of McDonald’s, the Seneca County Health Department has announced that more cases of Hepatitis A have been uncovered. There are now a total of 5 cases of Hepatitis A discovered in the last few weeks. Most concerning of the cases is associated… Read more »

Salmonella Cucumber Outbreak Gets Another Update

In their first update in a month, the CDC has announced that the amount of cases associated with an outbreak of Salmonella Poona has risen again. A total of 838 people have been sickened after eating cucumbers contaminated with Salmonella. These cases are spread out over 38 states, including Alabama with 1 case, Alaska with… Read more »

Hepatitis A Found in McDonald’s Employee

The Seneca County Health Department has announced that a confirmed case of Hepatitis A has occurred in a McDonald’s employee. The employee worked at the McDonald’s location at 2500 Mound Rd. in Waterloo, NY. This employee may have contaminated food at the fast food restaurant, but officials stress that there is a very low risk… Read more »

E. coli Sickens 8 in Nevada

The Washoe County Health District has announced that they are investigating an outbreak of E.coli in Nevada. Eight people have been infected after eating at the Twisted Fork restaurant in south Reno. The cases were reported on November 4th. The restaurant remains open, although they are fullycooperating with health officials. There are no reported cases of… Read more »

Florida Vibrio Outbreak is the Worst in Years

The Florida Department of Health has announced that this year’s amount of Vibrio vulnificus cases has reached 42. This is the highest case count since 2008. This year has also had the highest amount of deaths since 2011. A total of 13 deaths have occurred. The deaths are spread out over 9 counties, including Brevard… Read more »