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For the third time since May, Good Seed Inc. has recalled their fresh soybeans and mung bean sprouts. The recall follows the news that their products had once again tested positive for Listeria monocytogenes. So far, there have not been any reported illnesses related to sprouts from Good Seed. This most recent recall is for sprouts packaged on or after June 22. The recall includes several varieties of two different products. Soybean sprouts in one pound, two pound, and ten pound varieties have been recalled. These soybean sprouts are packaged in a clear plastic bag and have the label “GOODSEED Soy Bean Sprouts”. The second product recalled is the mung bean sprout. Affected are its one pound, two pound, and ten pound varieties. The mung bean sprouts are packaged in a clear plastic bag with the label “GOODSEED Mung Bean Sprouts”.

This recall follows two previous recalls. The original recall was in May, and included all sprouts produced by Good Seed Inc. after April 1. This followed reports of Listeriosis cases that match the strain of listeria found in Good Seed Inc. products. On June 22, follow up testing uncovered another contamination of Listeria.

What Is Listeria Poisoning

Listeria poisoning produces a very serious infection. Symptoms may not begin to show until two months after infection, although generally symptoms will show after three weeks. Listeria infections may be accompanied by symptoms such as fever, muscle aches, diarrhea, headache, and stiff neck. If you or a loved one has eaten a product that has subsequently been recalled for Listeria contamination, it is important to contact a doctor if symptoms begin to show. It is especially important if the person is pregnant, as Listeria has been known to cause pregnancy complications.